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A green cloud for the next generation

Nerdalize is building a different cloud: we're placing our servers in homes. Homeowners get their water heated for free by using the residual heat of our servers, and we don't need to build a huge and expensive datacenter. Enabling you to scale up your computations without wasting CO2 and money.

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The Nerdalize Concept

Great tools for engineers, researchers & developers

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Hybrid Kubernetes management

Easily launch and manage Kubernetes clusters, and deploy your applications using our multi-cloud dashboard or your existing tools, like kubectl.

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High-performance VMs

Use our VMs to get the freedom to run virtually any application. Flexibly create them at the scale you need and delete them whenever you want.

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Ready-to-use software

Pick one of the thousands of ready-to-use applications that are available as Docker images. Or use the guides we’ve created for FFmpeg, Python, OpenFOAM and other data processing applications that our users frequently use.

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$ nerd job run --name=run-1 —input=./my-data:/input my-app
$ nerd dataset download --output-of run-1 ./result
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Super-simple CLI

Use Nerd to scale your computations, simulations and analyses to the cloud with a single command. Nerd will automatically take care of configuring your cluster & handling your data. It saves you time and effort every time you need to use computing power.

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Straightforward and affordable pricing

Our innovative cloud isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also very cost effective. Not having to invest in building and maintaining datacenters means we make cloud computing much more affordable.

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Compute (from)
€ 0.009 / vCPU
per hour
€ 0.019 / GB
per month
Ingress & egress
Folding proteins
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

We need a lot of computing power for pure biology. How do proteins fold? If we can save the environment while saving costs by computing at Nerdalize... It's a no-brainer.

Water simulation
Delft Inversion

I was amazed by the value proposition of Nerdalize while testing their cloud with our in-house software: immediate and effective support, great people and ultra low prices!