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Delft3D FM




Delft3D FM is an engine for hydrodynamical simulations on unstructured grids in 1D-2D-3D. It is the successor of Delft3D-FLOW and SOBEK-FLOW.

Running your Delft3D FM workload on Nerdalize

Delft3D FM is currently in private beta. Would you like to run large simulations with Delft3D FM? Let us know if you would like beta access.

Request access

In the meantime you could try running a job with our Delft3D image or get yourself familiar with Nerd.

The following steps assume you’ve been given access to the private beta and have credentials on-hand that provide access to the Delft3D FM image repository.

  1. Make sure you’ve set up Nerd, our CLI.

  2. Set up your dataset.

    Download our example dataset and unzip it.

    Alternatively you can use your own dataset, for which this README explains the required dataset structure.

  3. Upload your dataset.

    $ nerd dataset upload --name=dflowfm-input path-to-data-folder
    Archiving (Step 1/2): 89.63 KB / 89.63 KB [=======] 100.00% 0s
    Uploading (Step 2/2): 109.57 KB / 109.57 KB [=======] 100.00% 0s
    Uploaded dataset: 'dflowfm-input'
    To run a job with a dataset, use: 'nerd job run'
  4. Start Delft3D FM while providing credentials to use the private image.

    Nerd will ask for your credentials to gain access to the private image. Note that your password will be hidden while you type it.

    $ nerd job run \
      --private \
      --name=dflowfm-run \
      --input=dflowfm-input:/data \
      --output=dflowfm-output:/output \
    Please provide credentials for the Docker Hub repository that stores the private image:
    Username:  <your_username>
    Password:  <your_password>
    Submitted job: 'dflowfm-run'
    To see whats happening, use: 'nerd job list'
  5. Check on the status of your job.

    $ nerd job list
    JOB          IMAGE              INPUT           OUTPUT           MEMORY   VCPU   CREATED AT      PHASE     DETAILS
    dflowfm-run  deltares/delft3dfm  dflowfm-input   dflowfm-output   3.0      2.0    6 seconds ago   Running

    When your task’s status is Completed it’s finished and you can continue to download the output.

    If you want to review the log output, run:

    $ nerd job logs dflowfm-run
  6. Download the collection of output files.

    $ nerd dataset download dflowfm-run ~/my-delft3dfm-output
    Downloading (Step 1/2): 117.13 MB / 117.13 MB [=======] 100.00% 0s
    Unarchiving (Step 2/2): 117.13 MB / 117.13 MB [=======] 100.00% 0s
    Downloaded 1 dataset