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Thanks to all

This. Was. Epic. Thank you so much for your support! We started this campaign in the hope we could raise enough funds to start at 20 locations, but the enthusiasm was much higher than we could have hoped for! We raised our target, twice, and still managed to reach our 2nd stretch target before the campaign was planned to end. Amazing! This means we now have €750.000 to equip 50 locations, save a sweet 150 tons of CO2 and hire two extra software engineers so we can grow faster! We’ll have a little celebration tomorrow and then it’s back to, you know, changing the world. 😃

We are super proud that so many decided to support us and we hope that in a few years people will be able to say on birthdays that they were an early part of a successful adventure. We are going to do our very best to make that happen and you’ll hear about our next steps soon!

You never reach success on your own. Our company would not have gotten to where it is without the support of a lot of partners. It means a lot to us that many of the companies and organisations we have worked with, supported our campaign with tweets, Facebook posts or mentioning us in newsletters to their clients, essentially tying their reputation to our scrappy company.

So, this might start looking a bit like an Oscar-speech, but bear with us. We’ve got a lot of people to thank, both in this campaign and in general:

Stichting DOEN, Climate-KIC (apply for their Accelerator!), EIT, YES!Delft, Accenture, Urgenda, PNO, Hetkanwel.nl, New Venture, StartUpDelta & Clean Tech Delta for their support in this campaign in getting our message out and their invaluable support in building our business.

Jesper, Steve and Maarten from Symbid for making everything run smoothly in the background and their support in promoting our campaign.

Jos and Erik for being such happy customers and don’t mind us asking again and again to say so in front of a camera.

Simon, Aram and Zoe from Douw&Koren, for giving us the words for what we wanted to say but couldn’t formulate on our own in clear language.

Sanne, Mark and Daphne from Houthoff Buruma, for making sure our legal documentation was A-class. If you are a start-up, absolutely apply for their incubator! It’s been an amazing support for Nerdalize.

Eneco (sorry, a bit too many names, but you know who you are 😉) for having the guts to expose our machines to their customers and now tying your fate to ours as a strategic partner and shareholder.

Our existing shareholders who believed in us when Nerdalize was still a crazy idea and all the new investors who we managed to inspire in this campaign.

We are very grateful to all of you for your help in getting our dream get a bit closer to reality every single day and we look forward to taking Nerdalize’ next steps together.

But first, champagne 😄

— Team Nerdalize

Boaz, Florian, Mathijs, Ad, Alexander, Boris, Chris, David, Dexter, Emeline, Jip, Liesanne, Maaike, Marinus, Mark, Michal, Pim, Remy, Robert, Thatcher, Thirza & Tim

About our company
Posted June 29, 2017