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September Changelog


Creating Kubernetes clusters is now much easier: we’ve made it possible to do so directly on the portal and there’s clear information about the size and cost per cluster.

We’ve improved the cluster information with status labels and better resource charts.

Playground cluster

We’ve fixed an issue, now making it possible to create deployments using kubectl.

August Changelog


There’s a handy copy button next to all example commands now.

All example commands now come with additional information about the arguments and options used as well as a button to show their output.

Most arguments in the example commands are now editable.


We’ve significantly improved the loading speed of the portal.


We’ve improved the speed of logging in and listing clusters.

July Changelog


New guides will help you get started with Kubernetes on Nerdalize.


We’ve removed the need to manually edit your kubeconfig file by providing kubectl config commands that you can just copy and run.


Jobs now default to using 1 vCPU and 1 GB memory.

We’ve improved some of the feedback Nerd provides, especially when there’s an error.