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Easily deploy your applications to the Nerdalize cloud using Kubernetes, an open-source system for deploying, scaling, and managing applications that span multiple servers (clusters).

Kubernetes uses the Docker technology so you don’t need to set up environments and install software over and over again. It’s also incredibly flexible and there are many tools available for managing your applications on Kubernetes.

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When to use Kubernetes

Kubernetes offers great flexibility and control when running software in the cloud. It’s perfect when you want complete control. If you’re looking for an easy way to run computations, simulations and analyses, we’ve designed a tool called Nerd to help you out.

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Getting started

If you haven’t used Kubernetes before, try our animal classifier to run your first job using kubectl (the Kubernetes CLI) and learn how to run your own applications.

Get started

Already know how to use kubectl? Just head over to our portal to get your cluster credentials.

Kubernetes on Nerdalize

Clusters on Nerdalize support most of the standard Kubernetes features, but there are a few limitations. Most importantly our clusters don’t currently support persistent volumes or making services externally accessible (e.g. using an ingress service). In addition, some features such as user management & namespaces are only available on our paid clusters.

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