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About the Nerdalize cloud

We are working hard to provide you with the best performing resources for the best price. Read more about the configuration and specs of our compute resources, network and storage to find how it fits your compute project. Any questions? We’re always happy to answer them. Find how to get in touch on our contact page.

Regions and availability zones

All Nerdalize Compute Resources are located in the Netherlands, Europe. Nerdalize instances are distributed throughout the Netherlands to guard reliability, redundancy and availability.


We take care of managing the data upload and download for your workloads. All your data is available through our CLI. Take a look at using datasets to learn how that works.

Want to use your own storage cluster?

Now all you left to do is set up a place to store your input and output data. The Nerdalize cloud easily pulls your input data and pushes your output data to any storage cluster that is compatible with the Amazon S3 RESTful API. So you can use any storage cluster you’d like! Just contact us.


Cloud security is a high priority at Nerdalize and strong effort is put into data protection.

Authentication and authorization

By managing users, roles and access policies, Nerdalize offers you a way to manage access control on your data.


Through file activity tracking, changes to data can be audited. This enables you to retrieve information on who accessed and changed data in order to investigate and improve security.


Through encryption Nerdalize offers you an additional layer of security on your data. All data on our network and disks are fully encrypted in order to protect your data throughout our infrastructure.

Physical security

All our hardware is physically secured and monitored. This physical security and highly distributed network enables Nerdalize to safeguard your data while protecting it from downtime.