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We’ve gathered some information you may find useful while covering Nerdalize.

About Nerdalize

Datacenters are wasteful and expensive. Almost half of the energy they consume is wasted on overhead while all the heat generated by the servers is a waste product. And more than half of the cost goes to the building and infrastructure!

Nerdalize solves these problems by taking servers out of the datacenter and putting them in homes. This creates a triple win where computing power becomes much more affordable, homes are provided with hot tap water for free and CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.

Thanks to this radically different approach in building cloud, Nerdalize enjoys a huge cost advantage compared to traditional cloud providers. By housing the servers in a CloudBox and placing them in homes, Nerdalize eliminates the cost of building a traditional datacenter. Resulting in a cloud that is 40% more affordable than our competitors like Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.

Each Nerdalize CloudBox provides a household with hot water, resulting in household savings of around €200 while reducing CO2 emissions by 2,000 kg per home per year. At the scale of 100 houses - or 16,000 vCPU - the Nerdalize solution results in 200,000 kg ton of CO2 reduction. That’s equal to driving 8,000,000 car kilometers per year! This way Nerdalize can fulfil the rapidly growing demand for cloud, without wasting CO2 or money.

In the news

BBC: Heating houses with ‘nerd power’

Nerdalize's solution is, effectively, to spread their data centre across domestic homes linked by fibre-optic cable. The excess heat can then be used instead of going to waste.

The Verge: Dutch households will use servers to heat their showers for free

The setup is simple enough: you pay Nerdalize to install a server in your home; it heats your house for free; and Nerdalize makes money by selling the server space to other companies.

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