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Don’t compromise between performance, sustainability and low costs. We have a unique distributed setup of servers throughout the Netherlands that includes free networking. Together with our use of open source technologies it allows us to provide you outstanding and transparent service.

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  • Performance at scale
    Scale flexibly from 1 to thousands of high-performance vCPUs
  • Fits simple and complex workflows
    Simply run batch jobs, spin up clusters or manage VMs
  • Sustainable
    Save tons of CO2 with our innovative servers
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24m 36s, € 0.21 per job
37m 46s, € 0.59 per job
Google Cloud Engine
Google Cloud Engine
29m 11s, € 0.32 per job
31m 35s, € 0.92 per job

Quick & simple Nerd

Scale your Docker job to the cloud with one command. We’ll configure the cluster & take care of your data.

Flexible Kubernetes

Easily launch a Kubernetes cluster. Use our hybrid dashboard or your existing tools, including kubectl to scale and manage it.

Customizable VMs

Use CloudStack & SSH access to orchestrate jobs your own way.

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You can get any of our compute products with the same affordable and straightforward pricing.

Helpful services

Docker and Kubernetes support

Use Docker and Kubernetes, to get the flexibility to run applications in a hybrid way, without vendor lock-in. Need help getting started?

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Our benchmark reports provide an overview of the runtime and cost of your compute process at different providers. Want to budget your cloud project?

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S3-compatible object storage billed by the hour. Use Nerd or the S3 interface to manage your datasets with ease. There are no hidden costs because ingress & egress are free.

Quick & simple Nerd

Upload & download your data with a single command. We’ll make sure it can be used in your Docker containers.

Flexible S3 API

Use your favorite S3-compatible client, tool or API to freely access your data.


Where other cloud providers waste the heat from servers, we actually use it to heat tap water. Do you live in the Netherlands and want your home heated with computing power?

  • Save on your energy bill
    Our servers heat water to 55 °C to drastically reduce gas use
  • Greener heating
    The same electricity is used for computing and heating to save CO2
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